What do I do?

Most things (when it comes to Art Direction anyways). I have a background in tech but my future is in visual communication. I push through and I never give up even when I stand before the hardest challenges. When everyone says “Not we can’t,” I say “Yes, we can”. I don’t believe that too many chefs spoil the soup because you can have as many chefs as you want as long as you communicate. Speaking of soup I love food.

Why am I here? I see myself as a support system. That is why I was put on this earth to work hard and support others to shine bright.

My greatest inspiration I share with you, Coffee. Coffee makes me get up in the morning. But of course, other things inspire me as well as development and traveling. I love to be part of progress, especially creative ones. I was born in the Netherlands and raised in Istanbul, Liberia, Congo (Brazzaville). To this day I take inspiration from other cultures because it is part of my own story.

I try to see the positive instead of the negative. I try to make life more easy if not for myself I am happy if I succeed to do it for anyone else. For me, if you go left or right it will be okay and that is what I will always stand by.

And by the way, my name is Yve.

About me


O1GROUP/ AK magazine:

2017/8 weeks internship and 6 months employed - Rotterdam

01 group/ AK Magazine is a creative agency in the field of websites, logos, printing material for small and middle-sized companies. AK magazine is a magazine targeting the Surinam audience to give an insights about Surinam culture. Here you will find interviews and articles about and for Surinam actors, comedians etc. I was involved from the start with the Magazine. During my internship my tasks were to create the layout for the magazine, planning and all social media marketing.


2017/6 months internship – Berlin

Bleech is a web development company, stationed in Berlin. For six months I lived and worked in Berlin and was part of the development team. I definitely deepen my knowledge in HTML, CSS and PHP. This company served a big variety of customers; both national and international. Below you will find a few of them I have worked for and what I did for them. For the Bleech website itself I advised to create a movie for their site, which they created and implemented. Bleech Customers I have worked for:

  • Red Bull (Game development and creation)
  • Mercedes (Testing responsive design and logical flow in user friendliness)
  • T-Mobile (Web development)
  • Bamdod (Web development)
  • Yve Renee Hogeveen
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • 28-04-1995
  • yveemail@yahoo.com
  • Education
  • High school:
  • Rudolf Steiner College,
  • Study:
  • Grafisch lyceum Rotterdam,
  • interactive media designer


Web design

  • Atom
  • Github
  • Dreamweaver
  • Bootstrap

Program knowledge

  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Dreamweaver
  • Illustrator
  • After effects


  • Dutch
  • English

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